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Hang on for 45 minutes

Hang on for 45 minutes

At approximately five o'clock in the evening on Saturday, American time, police in the city of Vancouver, in the US state of Washington, received an emergency call from a man in need of help.

This was reported, among other things, by the local TV channelnkbtv.

The victim then explained that he witnessed a man stealing tools from his car.

Stolen bike

Furthermore, the caller reportedly explained that the perpetrator ran, hit a bike on the road, but ended up throwing it away after being chased away by an angry neighbor. From there, the thief continued on foot.

Rolf (86 years old) was refused help: – Angry

Then the police received another phone call. Now the same man allegedly entered a store, stole an employee's cell phone and refused to return it. He then allegedly punched the employee in the chest and fled the scene.

While the police tried to find the perpetrator in the area where he was last seen, they received a new investigation.

A man had climbed onto the roof and was now throwing bricks into the street. This also turned out to be the same person.

hang on

The police then tried to persuade him to come down, but to no avail.

Warning: - People urinate in it

Warning: – People urinate in it

Instead, he ended up throwing himself onto one of the phone lines that ran across the street. He is said to have held on to him for a full 45 minutes.

The area below him was secured by the fire service, and eventually the man was forced to leave the roof. After two hours of escaping, health workers examined him and arrested him. The man was then charged with burglary, theft and disorderly conduct.

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