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Happiness at Hansa Rostock before the rematch against Heidenheim - Sports

Happiness at Hansa Rostock before the rematch against Heidenheim – Sports

As of: 08/09/2021 12:12 p.m.

Atmosphere erupted at the Ostistadion after Hansa Rostock converted a last-minute goal 3-2 in an extension of the cup game against Heidenheim. Now the league continues – against Haydenheim.

“We broke everything. Five or six people kept playing with muscle spasms. But 15,000 fans pushed us – it was so good and it was incredibly fun.” Marcus Golke, the goalkeeper and captain of Hansa Rostock, was thrilled after the Cup Thriller against Haydenheim, but apparently exhausted.

Almost in the last second of extra time, Hansa newcomer Ridge Munchie led “Lucky Punch” to a 3-2 victory over league rivals 1. FC Haydenheim. The winning goal caused joy and really blew the atmosphere at Ooste Stadium. A few seconds after the final whistle came, the climax of the usual cheers at the Cup final in Berlin.

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Hansa’s newcomers were really successful

Coach Jens Hartell praised the atmosphere on the field, which could have made a difference in a consistent and exciting game: “We took the scenery with us. We were lucky at the end of the day.”

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Audio: Hansa coach Jens Hartell: “We’re lucky!” (3 minutes)

It’s amazing how well the newcomers did at Hansa: Galogero Risutto took a 2-1 lead, with the “Joker” Munshi leading the way for the winner. Worcester was lowered from the kickers to the Swiss Baltic Sea. After his goal, he brought Hansa into the second round and earned at least 7 257,514 through the cup competition, with Hansa having a compelling kiss on the coat of arms with the ship.

Hansa coach Hartell: “Heidenheim has enough anger in his stomach”

Five Rostock transfers were in the starting lineup, and two were substitutes. Cocaine Captain Golke: “Those in charge are more focused on the character. That’s why this year we’re a great team again. The newcomers are incredibly well received and feel at home with us. We know we need a mindset – just like we can win our games.”

Interestingly, the next game of the second division is again against Heidenheim (Sunday, 1.30pm at the live center on This time Ostseestädter had to go to Ostalb for a second battle within a week after the uprisings had not met for seven and a half years. Heidenheim started the season with four points – one more than Rostock from two games. Hansa coach Hartell already doubts what his team can expect there: “Now we’re waiting for a review. There will be enough anger in Heidenheim’s stomach. It will definitely be an unpleasant job.”

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