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Happy baby news!  Britney Spears is pregnant

Happy baby news! Britney Spears is pregnant

Britney Spears
Happy baby news! Becomes a mother for the third time

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She has been wanting for a long time, and now the time has come: Britney Spears is pregnant. On Instagram he reveals sweet news and is already speculating about the twins.

Britney Spears has struggled for the past few years and has finally regained her independence. Last year, Sam dared his first fresh start with his engagement to Ashkari, and now the next stage is as follows: The singer is pregnant.

But no food baby, Britney Spears is pregnant

“I lost so much weight to get back on my Maui trip,” Britney begins the new post on Instagram. In a very short period of time, she gained more weight and even the diet baby became questionable. “My husband said, ‘No, you’re pregnant, you idiot!’ So I did a pregnancy test … well … I have a baby. ” With these words, the 40-year-old finally confirms the sweet baby message. In the days that followed, twins could not be avoided as the abdomen continued to grow.

Child messages are obscured by fear

Although the ‘Baby One More Time’ hitmaker is excited about her third pregnancy, the news is full of worries. The detailed statement on Instagram continues: “Of course I will not go out because photographers make money with me, unfortunately like they already did.” She suffered from perinatal depression during her last pregnancy. To avoid this, she already came up with a good plan: “This time I will do yoga everyday! Spread a lot of joy and love.”

There is no picture of the baby pump, instead Britney posted a picture of an artist showing a cup of tea and flowers.

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