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Harb - Report: More than 300 officers were killed

Harb – Report: More than 300 officers were killed

More than 300 Russian officers were killed during the Ukraine War. Shows analysis by the independent Russian website Medizona.

Mediazona says it has investigated hundreds of public statements, articles, newsletters and social media posts.

Two senior generals

The site found information about the deaths of 1,744 Russian soldiers and 317 officers, among whom were two major generals and deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Andrei Paleg (51 years old).

The latest official Russian figures showed that, since the end of March, 1,351 soldiers had been killed and 3,825 wounded.

Senior officers: Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Andrei Paleg (51 years old) was killed in Mariupol in March. Photo: Ekaterina Atabageva / Telegram
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The number of dead officers is high compared to the total number of soldiers killed. This is explained by analysts and officers like to behave physically in the field. In addition, the authorities are striving to take the bodies home and report the deaths afterward.

Dagestan was hit hard

In proportion, it was the Caucasian Republic of Dagestan that suffered the greatest losses; 125 of the dead come from there. The Burgatyga Republic in Siberia has 85 recorded deaths, while the Volgograd region has 66 deaths.

Only two of Russia’s 85 regions lack reported deaths.

Russian-backed separatists are excluded from the analysis.

The numbers are low compared to Western estimates. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace estimated, on Monday, that 15,000 Russian soldiers had died during the war. Ukraine claims that more than 20,000 Russians were killed.

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