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Harry is angry with his father, and all because of his uncle – Boyle

Harry is angry with his father, and all because of his uncle – Boyle

A new blow to the relationship between Prince Harry and his father, Charles III. This is because, according to news published by the British press, the English monarch intends for his disgraced brother – Andre – to move to the former residence of the Dukes of Sussex in the United Kingdom.

The news was reported by the British newspaper The Mirror, and was defended by writer Tom Quinn, author of several titles about kings. According to him, the English king insisted that Andrei give up the property where he lived for more than 20 years, the Royal Lodge, very close to Windsor, and move to Frogmore Cottage, the house chosen by the family. Royal for Harry and Meghan to settle down after the wedding.

It turns out that no one is happy with the idea. Prince Andrew does not welcome moving to a smaller house; Harry has undertaken a €2.8 million refurbishment at Frogmore, with Tom Quinn ensuring, “He's secretly hoping they'll let him return to the property with his wife, Meghan.”. “Harry wants Frogmore to return to his base in the United Kingdom.”The writer says.

Recall that the couple was officially removed from the property last year. As for Andre, he was removed from his royal duties in 2019, after a controversial interview in which he spoke about the accusations against him. Andrei was accused of having sexual relations with a young girl and the case was resolved extrajudicially.