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Harvey Weinstein goes blind and loses his teeth in prison

Harvey Weinstein goes blind and loses his teeth in prison

HArvi Weinstein, accused of several sexual crimes, says his health deteriorates further during his stay in prison.

Norman Evman, the attorney for the former film producer, announced Monday, the 12th, that his client is going blind and losing his teeth.

This information was revealed at a virtual hearing in Erie County Court in Pennsylvania, where it was decided to extradite Harvey Weinstein to Los Angeles – where he was charged with 11 new crimes related to sexual harassment.

The lawyer used the health status of the previous product to try to keep him in New York. Norman Evman claims Harvey Weinstein is nearly blind and needs eye surgery, in addition to dental procedures to prevent him from losing more teeth, as he has lost four so far.

However, the defense’s speech was not enough to convince Los Angeles attorneys, who refused to agree to the extradition delay.

The lawyer is now challenging the court’s decision on the grounds that there are irregularities in the public prosecutor’s office’s procedures.

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