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Hashtag Gambling Twitter: How the Platform Became a Key Source for Bettors

Social media has been used to drive different kinds of conversations, from starting entertainment trends to motivating social revolutions and lots more. Today, the gambling community has been able to use social media platforms, especially Twitter, for sharing information. Twitter’s analysis suggests that seven out of ten bettors get their information from Twitter.

Since some US states and Canada provinces have legalized gambling in recent years, Twitter gambling communities have become more active. As more people are given access to gambling services, the community will keep getting larger. The community uses the tag #GamblingTwitter to connect all gambling-related tweets.

Twitter was able to become such an important source for gamblers because of some accurate calls that have been made in the past.

Statistics show that Twitter conversations have a lot of impact on the decisions of a large percentage of gamblers. These conversations are geared by people, and here are some of the accounts that keep these conversations going.


These are the accounts that share tips and information on games. They could share information on a player’s status, the weather, or other details that might influence gambling decisions. Asides from sharing tips, some tipsters are popular for directly recommending bets to gamblers.

Sports influencers also fall within this category. They start conversations about the games and the different gambling opportunities that are available.


Popular sportsbooks have verified Twitter accounts with a large following. They post different sports advertisements and general gambling content. All these assist in keeping the gambling conversation on Twitter alive.

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The people behind the sportsbooks themselves also use the Twitter gambling community to get information about the games. When reliable tipsters share information on factors like the weather or a player’s availability, they will use it to set the odds on their betting site.


Gamblers make up a good portion of the online gambling community. Everyone is looking for all the important information they can get to make their betting decisions. Big accounts with a large following are a more reliable source for betting tips online. Some bettors also use Twitter to get codes for recommended bets for incoming games.

However, punters should not believe everything they see and hear on the platform. There have been cases in which users have tried to sell “inside information” on fixed games and bettors are warned to be cautious about paying con artists for tips.

Mike Dupree, director of media and entertainment for Twitter, told ESPN: “One thing to start with is before placing bets based on a tip on Twitter, sports bettors should take a quick second look at the account and ask if it’s a trustworthy source of information. Is it verified? Have you looked at their bio, and their past tweets? There’s some work we should do as bettors to make sure we’re following legitimate and trusted sources.”

To ensure that you only use legitimate and trustworthy websites, see Bonusfinder Canada for a list of licensed operators.

Final Thoughts on Hashtag Twitter Gambling

Gamblers have built a powerful community on Twitter, and as more regions legalize sports betting, the community will get even bigger. However, an effort still must be put into removing bad actors from the online gambling community. If not, more fraudsters with anonymous accounts will come around and continue stealing from unsuspecting gamblers.

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Generally, the best advice is for everyone to verify their sources before they act on the information that is shared with them.