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Hated chess boss in Russia: - traitor - VG

Hated chess boss in Russia: – traitor – VG

Next: Arkady Dvorkovich talking to Vladimir Putin in 2016. At the time, the current head of chess was Deputy Prime Minister of Russia.

Arkady Dvorkovich is the President of the International Chess Federation – but also the former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia. He is subjected to severe violence in his homeland for his lack of support for the war in Ukraine.


A “traitor”, Putin politician Alexander Khinchin called “United Russia”. In one of the most famous Russian TV propaganda programmes About the Kremlin “Solovyov”.

as he used to The word “fifth colonizer”, which, according to the Language Council, is used for “those who carry out acts of subversion in their country for the benefit of a foreign power”.

Shortly thereafter, Dvorkovich had to To resign as Chairman of the Board of Directors For the Russian type of Silicon Valley, called Skolkovo.

Dvorkovich’s hatred came after he told US magazine Mother Jones, “My thoughts are with the Ukrainian civilian population. War doesn’t just take priceless lives. War kills hope and ambition and halts or destroys ties and ties.”

In the “worst list”

The relatively innocent comment from the former deputy prime minister drew a lot of attention.

Last week, Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper asked what state secrets Dvorkovich had taken out of the country – and claimed that he lives in Israel. Apologized for the article The next day.

At the same time, FIDE (International Chess Federation), led by Dvorkovich, imposed severe sanctions on Russian players.

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The very national medium She put Dvorkovich on her list of the “100 most Russian Russians”. There he stands with many of the war’s most famous critics, such as opposition leader Alexei Navalny, blogger Yuri Dodd, author Boris Akunin, rock legend Boris Grebenshchikov, soprano Anna Netrebko, peace prize winner Dmitry Muratov, and Frode Berg defender Ilya Novikov.

– Proud of the soldiers

But the day after the article was published in Mother Jones, Dvorkovich came up with completely different ideas on the website of the Skolkovo Fund, which was prepared by the news agency. Ria:

I, like all other children of the post-war period, grew up with a love of the homeland: in memory of those who died during the war and in a hatred of Nazism. I sincerely cherish the courage of our soldiers who at all times defended their homeland and their freedom. We grieve equally for all the dead and wounded in the eight-year-old hostilities – referring to the time since hostilities began in eastern Ukraine in 2014, Dvorkovich wrote.

Federation President: Arkady Dvorkovic applauds Magnus Carlsen after the Norwegian defended the World Cup title in Dubai in December 2021.

The head of FIDE also described the sanctions against Russia as “meaningless”, writing:

– The most important thing is that in the end a strong peace and a more just order will be established on our planet, where there is no place for Nazism.

It is also part of the story that most people considered Vladimir Solovyov one of Putin’s leading advocates in Russia, in his show he defended Dvorkovich and said that the two have been friends for 20 years.

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Dvorkovich did not speak, so to speak, to the media about the war. But NRK got the head of FIDE Speaking in Reykjavik:

– Despite the discomfort, I think I should do my professional work and continue to do what I have to do.

Norwegian chess chief Simin Agdesten realizes that Dvorkovic is in a twisted dilemma, but then will not comment on the purely political side.

– But we note that FIDE is working fine at the moment, many thanks to Dvorkovich. Agdistine says he’s a lovable boss.

– We see that Dvorkovich is in a difficult situation, says the head of chess – and he will not say anything else at the moment.

You should take a clearer distance

Chess expert and Russian professor Attlee Gron believes that the president of the federation is riding two horses.

– The wife became very rich. If he moved to Israel, he would immediately become more edible as FIDE chief. As it stands now, the situation is morally untenable, Groen believes – and explains:

– Russian chess players cannot participate in tournaments, but the president of the federation – with a great personal fortune from the Putin regime – represents Russia. He should distance himself more clearly from the regime, but he won’t be able to do so if he stays in Russia, says Attlee-Gron – and thus misses Dvorkovich taking a direct distance from Putin and closer.

Arkady Dvorkovich was Presidential Adviser from 2008 to 2012 and then Deputy Prime Minister from 2012 to 2018 before becoming President of Chess. He has not yet launched his candidacy for the continuation of the position of President of the Federation. On the other hand, Inyonam Siwa Fumi from Togo said he is calm.

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The FIDE regime – led by Dvorkovich – banned Sergey Karyakin at the end of March because of his unconditional support for the war in Ukraine and for President Putin.

– I have the impression that it is a well-functioning Democratic Council, says Simen Agdestein.