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Have you already seen Lelo’s new sex toy?  – Marketer

Have you already seen Lelo’s new sex toy? – Marketer

Although these days people talk more naturally about sexual well-being, there is still a tendency to stigmatize certain acts, including anal sex. In this sense, Lelo, a sexual health brand, conducted a study to understand why people continue to resist anal sex and launched Soraya Beads, an anal massager that promises to provide a new kind of pleasure.

According to the survey conducted by Lilo, only 35% of participants actually engage in anal sex – 48.5% do not, while one in nine people do not even disclose whether they do or not.

Among those who don’t engage in anal sex, 44% would try it, but fears outweigh curiosity. The fear that anal sex will be painful, among other things, is real. One in three respondents don’t try it because their partner refuses to do so, while 15% are very keen to broach the topic and discuss it with their partner, due to stigma.

Among those who do, the reasons for doing it vary more than among those who avoid it. Nearly 32% do this to increase the level of intimacy in their relationship, while 43% believe they will feel more physical pleasure. One in three say they do it because they want to please their partner. Additionally, 26% of participants are excited about anal sex being taboo.

When it comes to sex toys, 63% reported that they don’t use anal toys, but 22% intend to try them. Those who tried anal sex used the penis most often (32%) for penetration, followed by a partner’s finger (20%) and 17% used a sex toy – 59% used a vibrator and 27% used anal beads.

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With this data in hand, Lilo introduces Soraya Beads, a massage device designed primarily for women, but also suitable for anyone who feels comfortable with their body and sexual desires.

The new waterfall design, with four gradually increasing balls, aims to provide maximum comfort when exploring anal pleasure. This toy has eight different experience and exploration modes, a waterfall design, USB charging, and is waterproof.