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Have you received a job offer via message or chat?  Be careful, it's a scam – HR

Have you received a job offer via message or chat? Be careful, it's a scam – HR

Through messages (SMS or Chats/Instant messaging), advertisements on social media platforms or phone calls, people are lured with job offers to join groups of people conversation, to get additional income. Banco de Portugal warns of such fraud attempts and recommends the steps to follow.

In the case of job offers, the messages contain the following (or approximate) content: “Hello, I am from the HR department of the social network/company ABC. We are in urgent need of 30 employees Connected part time. Daily delivery from 50-500 euros. / We offer a part-time job for 300 to 800 euros per day. Contact us at [link do grupo]”

After clicking on connectionthe person is linked to a “work” group (on WhatsApp, Telegram, …), and may be asked to pay a registration fee (with the promise of a refund, plus commission, after “complete the first task”).

Tasks include viewing and placing videos on social media platforms (Youtube, TikTok, Spotify, etc. Likes Or comments on it. After a person “performs” the required tasks, which will correspond to an assumed monetary value, an investment proposal appears that cannot be missed (for example, in “cryptocurrencies”).

Banco de Portugal alerts you to these situations and recommends the following:

  • Never click Links Be aware of messages received from strangers, and do not open suspicious messages;
  • Do not join groups conversation Of unknown origin;
  • Not to make any payments or install any software/application at the request of third parties with the aim of obtaining easy income;
  • If you access Links-Do not disclose personal information, access credentials Home banking Or at Applicationsor any codes that the bank sends to your cell phone;
  • In case of doubt or suspicion, contact the bank immediately through the usual channels.
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