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Have your children not seen Santa Claus yet?  Make a video call – Human Resources

Have your children not seen Santa Claus yet? Make a video call – Human Resources

Service contracting platform Fixando has found a solution to the current shortage of Santa Clauses and has started offering video calling services with them to provide magical moments for children during the Christmas season.

This phenomenon, driven by the need to find safe and affordable alternatives, is gaining popularity, turning living rooms into authentic Santa Claus workshops.

The ease of video calls, priced at between €15 and €20 per call, allows families to enjoy the magic of Christmas from the comfort of home, while “virtual” Santas, who often specialize in children’s entertainment, are able to reach a wider audience. …large scale through this approach.

To speed up video calls, the new functionality of the platform is available, which allows Fixando users to book services directly with professionals of their choice without having to wait for quotes to be sent, to contract these conversations with Santa Claus,

The supply in the Santa entertainment sector has not kept pace with the increase in demand recorded in October and November, compared to the same period last year, and as a result, around 70% of customers were unable to find an available Santa. With this new method, Fixando expects that about half of users who could not afford these services will resort to video calls at Christmas.

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