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Windows 10 Flash Microsoft atualização

Haven’t you removed Flash from Windows 10? Microsoft will handle everything until July

Flash died at the end of last year. This is for sure and is already visible on many computers around the world, but not yet in a completely universal way. There are several procedures underway, but they do not appear to be very successful.

Microsoft is involved in this process and has now revealed another important step in the process. Until July, Windows 10 will be completely clean of Flash, with many measures that will remove this old technology once and for all.

The date December 31 marks the end of Flash by Adobe. From that day on, this proposal is no longer supported, in all the problems that may arise from this situation. Without new updates and releases, exposure to all the problems that can arise

To aid in the process, Microsoft released an update for Windows 10 in February, although it is optional and optional. This allows you to remove the flash being handled immediately. However, not everyone adhered to this proposal and everything remained the same.

Everything will change soon, according to Microsoft Advertise And planning for the next few months. In addition to this update which will continue to be suggested to users, several measures will apply with the following Windows 10 updates.

The first will arrive with the next major update of Windows 10. This will remove Flash on all computers where it is installed. Additionally, for previous releases, this removal process will be included in Mandatory and Security Updates.

But Microsoft wants to go ahead with the process of removing Flash from its systems. In addition to Windows 10, the software giant will also implement processes in Windows 8, Windows Embedded 8 Standard, and Windows Server 2012.

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This solution is expected to be sufficient to remove Flash from all Microsoft systems permanently. This process is necessary and will ensure additional security for Windows 10 users, thus eliminating the source of problems.