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HC Braga will protest against Sporting - Hokwe M. Pattens

HC Braga will protest against Sporting – Hokwe M. Pattens

Under consideration the use of black by Joao Almeida

HC Braga will protest against Sunday match against Sporting. The dispute revolves around the player Joao Almeida.

The striker was announced as a reinforcement for Minho in July to be announced in August… at Sporting. HC Braga appealed to consider that the athlete is linked to the club, however, the FPP’s Council of Justice (CJ) considered the appeal unfounded. HC Braga issued a statement informing that they would appeal CJ’s decision to TAD and that he would protest the game for the athlete’s use.


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“In light of the news regarding the registration of João Almeida by Sporting Club de Braga for the player João Almeida who has signed up for the registration form by Hocoi Clube de Braga, the following clarifications are necessary:

1- In compliance with the regulations, Hóquei Clube de Braga participated / appealed to the Council of Justice to exercise its rights in relation to the registration / suspension of the player João Almeida;

2 – On grounds that Braga Hóquei Club does not agree, FPP CJ understands the legalization of player João Almeida’s registration by Sporting Clube de Portugal and does not apply the regulated suspension, referring any suspension to the FPP Disciplinary Board, at the expense of damage. Braga Hockey Club and above all roller hockey;

3º- Braga Hóquei Clube considers, in defense of his interests, his honor and the manner of submitting an appeal to the TAD of this decision;

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4 – Pending such a potential appeal and the decision of the FPP CD, the use of João Almeida by Sporting Clube de Portugal against Hóquei Clube de Braga has already stimulated and will stimulate the game’s protest, with any disastrous effects that might have entailed the tournament that could and should have been avoided;

Board of Directors of the Hóquei Clube de Braga, SAD”

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