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‘He died just like his owner’ – Eddie Ferrer’s girlfriend remembers the passing of one of the couple’s dogs

‘He died just like his owner’ – Eddie Ferrer’s girlfriend remembers the passing of one of the couple’s dogs

On the afternoon of Friday, November 17th Julia Pineiro An exclusive interview was released between Zulmira Garrido that it Maria Jose RochaGirlfriend Eddie FerrerIbn al-Mu’allaq Sik Karas Who died of an aneurysm about a year ago.

The “mother-in-law and daughter-in-law” had a difficult and emotional conversation, recalling the difficult last days of the musical artist, who was admitted to a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, after feeling unwell while heading to Qatar.

DJ’s family did not know his whereabouts for four days, and had to pay a large sum of money to undergo the necessary treatments.This was after the 42-year-old man was diagnosed with a health problem. However, his condition was irreversible, and the musician could not resist.

Jesualdo Ferreira asked Zulmira Garrido for a divorce one month after his son’s death

During the interview, María José Rocha, who developed a strong complicit relationship with Zulmira, spoke of a sad coincidence with one of the couple’s dogs. Eddie Ferrer, an animal lover, had several dogs, and one of them was… He ended up dying in the same way as the musician himselfI managed to “say goodbye.”

When he remembers what he hadFavorite routine“, Eddie Ferrer’s most notable companion:”It was also very homey. For him, the ideal was to lie on the couch, watch TV or listen to music, and simply live. And with our dogs who were Eddie’s children“, he began to mention.

The dogs stayed with me“Maria Rocha said afterward.”They are still with me, except for Lucho. Unfortunately, he was old and died exactly like his friend. He let me go home, looked at me… I went to dinner… (…) I was in the habit of going to the dogs as soon as I got home, and when I noticed it, he had simply died“, He said.

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It was painful, in a short period of time… but he is with his owner, and all of this in the end reassures me a lot.“, declared the DJ buddy.

As mentioned in the interview, Zulmira and Maria Rocha were also able to say goodbye to Eddie Ferrer, at a time when the family realized that Eduardo “It won’t be okay anymore“.