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He faced Porto with the shoes of Sergio Oliveira and won others

He faced Porto with the shoes of Sergio Oliveira and won others

Sergio Oliveira. He was the character of FC Porto’s defeat against Centrines, scoring two goals and one assist, but he was also a boot signing for a player from the Portuguese Championship team.

“Sergio gave some shoes to a mutual friend of ours, Sandro Gioviti. Since Sandro didn’t need it, they were for me, because we both wore the same number. With these shoes I played,” Gonzalo Pinto revealed.

The 21-year-old midfielder had already told A Bola this curiosity during the week, and Sergio Oliveira read it.

“He watched the interview and today he said he had some shoes in the store for me. At the end he gave me the shoes and we took a picture,” Gonzalo told Maisfutebol, after the meeting.

“He is a very humble player, with a lot of confidence. I have been following him for some time, and I see myself very much in his situation, as a captain and as a player as a team. He is an outstanding player, which is why he is at FC Porto and he is one of the leaders”, he added.

Regarding the match, Goncalo Pinto explained that Centrinis had already expected to enter Porto “hard and not easy”, but failed to achieve the task of “postponing the first goal as much as possible”.

He analyzed the midfielder who entered the second half by saying: “Porto was doing more and more intensity, with changes.”

“It was a difficult entry. The match was tough, but the team fought well with great help. It didn’t. It is the experience of playing against the champions team”, recalled Gonzalo Pinto, who came home with another pair of Sergio Oliveira football boots.

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