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He had already lost 8 kilograms.  A game on forced fasting: "Sex only cannot be restricted" - my homeland

He had already lost 8 kilograms. A game on forced fasting: “Sex only cannot be restricted” – my homeland

a Singer Toye claims he lost eight kilograms before returning to the stage, Which happened in early May, in Setubal, in Louisa Todi Hall. “This thing about not being able to eat this or that, for me, is complicated. I discovered intermittent fasting. It is a less painful way to diet!In statements to TV Guia, he admits.

A game that swears it doesn’t take miracle pills for weight lossAnd the whole result is guaranteed to be the result of 100% natural methods. The trick is to satisfy your binge at lunch and spend the day without eating. “Lunch is all I love: bacon, hand of a cow, red wine, everything. Then I don’t eat dinner and spend the rest of the day burning calories. I satiate my binge throughout lunch and then spend the rest of the day drinking water and tea. Like something small at the end of the day and it’s over. “

To give a good example of not having any restrictions on food, Toy describes a modern lunch with friends. “There was a Saturday when I went to lunch at a friend’s house. We started having lunch at noon and ended nine o’clock in the evening. It was seafood rice, peppers, baby, cheese, I’m a big monster eating it. It was a Saturday and the next day, a Sunday, I strictly didn’t eat anything. I was in the water all day and only came back to eat on Mondays for lunch. I can handle it really well, “he adds naughty details

“It is like fasting during Ramadan. You can’t just restrict sex. This has got to be the best death because I’m still in great shape. I still use the clubhouse on the 18-hole golf course, Read on, always the same club in the same hole on 18 different days, “he says, to avoid complications at home with his wife Daniela.

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