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He held a large-scale celebration: - Hypocrisy

He held a large-scale celebration: – Hypocrisy

At the Obama family’s massive mansion on Martha’s Vineyard between New York and Boston, a huge festive tent has been erected.

The tent was scheduled to accommodate just under 500 guests to celebrate former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday on Saturday night.

He wrote that after receiving criticism for the large number of guests, the guest list was greatly reduced due to Corona considerations The New York Times on Friday. Among them were a large number of government officials who worked in the Obama administration.

– I danced all night long

But the short list of guests left little trace on the celebration. Paparazzi photos from the site show that a large number of cars and minibuses took the guests to the party.

Among other things, the photos show that the famous couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have arrived on the island. In addition, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Springsteen, George Clooney, Jay-Z and Beyoncé will be on the guest list, according to the New York Times.

In total, there were about 200 people who attended the ceremony, according to him Persons. They also wrote that Obama “danced all night” and “never stopped smiling.”

dance video

Although guests were asked not to share photos on social media, many did. Writes among them the artist here USA Today. She is said to have posted a video of her and Obama dancing without a mask. The video has since been deleted.

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During the Instagram video, she was said to have written, “Congratulations on Barack Obama’s coldest day! What a great evening!!!!”.

After the video was deleted, she is said to have posted a new post. In the text field about this, she said she was “grateful that she was able to celebrate SAFE” with the former president and family.

According to the People website, all participants in the ceremony were given specially sewn handkerchiefs, bearing the slogan “44 x 60”, in reference to Obama being the forty-fourth president of the United States, and that he has turned 60 years old.


A number of Republican politicians took a hard line against Obama after the party.

– If Obama can greet hundreds of people without face masks at birthday parties, ordinary people won’t need to wear face masks either. Liberal “elite” like to set rules they can’t even follow, Texas Congressman Ronnie Jackson wrote on Twitter.

Colorado Congressman Ken Buck accuses Obama of being “hypocritical.”

– Democrats will order you to wear a face mask, but Obama and Bowser (the mayor of Washington DC journal.anm) won’t, he wrote on Twitter.

Graham Allen, who is running as a congressional candidate in the upcoming elections and is a prominent voice in the right-wing American media, believes that Obama and the Democrats are not following their own rules.

“Obama and his elite friends think they are above us ordinary people,” he wrote on Twitter.

Obama did not comment on the criticism. Nor was he involved in the development of muzzle bases in the United States.

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Looking forward to seeing people

When Obama decided to scale back the party and cut the guest list, the spokesperson sent a press release to various media outlets.

This outdoor event has been planned for months, in accordance with all current infection control guidelines, and with infection control procedures in place. Due to the prevalence of variable delta over the past week, the President and Mrs. Obama decided to significantly reduce the event to only include family and close friends, according to USA Today.

“President Obama appreciates everyone who sends birthday greetings from afar, and looks forward to seeing the people again soon,” the letter continues.