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He is Irish, his name is Richard Morgan, he is 93 years old and his biological age is 30 years old.

He is Irish, his name is Richard Morgan, he is 93 years old and his biological age is 30 years old.

Science has long demonstrated the importance of regular physical activity: it not only improves health, but also potentially extends life.

now, A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiologytakes this evidence to another level, by introducing the case of Richard Morgan, the Irish The former four-time world indoor rowing champion is 93 but his biological age is 30.

“Richard Morgan “He has the heart, muscles and lungs of a person less than half his age,” say the study authors. Connection Pay attention to the fact that the former athlete did not do this Exercise regularly until age 70.

The study, led by researchers at the University of Limerick, invited Morgan to a physiology laboratory and measured his height, weight and body composition, as well as collecting details about his diet, and examining his metabolism and heart and lung function.

“The results allowed us to conclude that Morgan had about 80% muscle and only 15% fat – a level as low as, for example, a whippet, a British breed of sporting dog,” say those responsible for the study, “his heart His heart rate peaked at 153 beats per minute, well above the maximum heart rate expected for his age.

According to experts, “your heart rate reached this peak very quickly, which means your heart was able to quickly deliver oxygen to the working muscles.”

The scientists revealed that they were “impressed by the fact that Richard Morgan developed this ability by practicing simple physical exercises for 40 minutes a day.”

For the study authors, the secret is a combination of easy, moderate and intense training, weight training (two or three times a week) and a high-protein diet, where your daily intake regularly exceeds the usual dietary recommendation of about 60 grams of protein for a person of your weight.

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“The 93-year-old man's physical condition and strength suggest that abundant muscular and aerobic capacity is not essential as we age, but exercise can help build and maintain a strong, capable body regardless of age.”