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He makes amends after a tragedy: – He got sucked into an airplane engine

He makes amends after a tragedy: – He got sucked into an airplane engine

The Texas newspaper writes that Dallas Morning News.

Edwards worked at the airport in Alabama, where the accident occurred. The USA Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) fined Piedmont Airlines $15,000 after the tragedy.

A mother of three died.

according to Dallas Morning News Edwards allegedly wandered close to the plane’s jet engine and was “pulled too hard”.

Avisa writes that OHSA determined that the airline did not guarantee a “workplace free from obvious hazards” that could result in fatalities or physical injury to employees who were exposed to aircraft entry or flight hazards.

However, the Communications Workers Union of America (CWA) fears that Piedmont Airlines will challenge the fine.

– Despite a small penalty, it is likely that Piedmont will contest the decision. The CWA will continue to fight for Courtney Edwards, her family, and the safety of everyone who works in aviation — they should never fear for their lives on the job, it said in a letter to union members, according to the newspaper.

The union held a Gofundme fundraiser for the mother-of-three’s family and survivors.

Fundraising over $119,000. The amount comes to over NOK 1.2 million at today’s exchange rate.

– All money raised goes directly to Kourtney’s mom, Natalie, so she can take care of Kourtney’s kids. Any support at this tragic time is appreciated, CWA writes in the group.

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