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He marries a dead lover

He marries a dead lover

When Pituban Tamuli (27) married his great love, Pratana Pura, it was on very special circumstances.

Pratana died during the wedding ceremony itself. The wedding took place on November 18 in the northeastern Indian state of Assam.

She appeared at the funeral

A video of the wedding has now gone viral on social media. This is what the news agency Newslions wrote.

It is said that Petupan showed up at his lover’s funeral with equipment traditionally used for Indian weddings – with plans to marry the corpse of Pratana.

In the video, the 27-year-old can be seen applying cochineal to the dead woman’s forehead. Sindoor or vermilion is a red powder used during Hindu ceremonies, according to Reuters.

ritual symbol

The mark is often worn by women who put a red mark on their forehead. The bindi has traditionally been used to designate marital status: If a woman is wearing a red bindi, it means she’s married — and the point represents true love and prosperity, he writes. Sanskrit Journal.

According to Newslions, Bitupan sat next to the corpse as it was being prepared for burial, before placing a white wreath on his girlfriend’s body.

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With a wreath he touched her body, before placing it on himself as a ritual symbol that the marriage was consummated.

He vowed not to marry

He is said to have broken down in tears while performing the rituals, and is said to have sworn he would never marry again.

The girl’s family must have been deeply touched by the 27-year-old’s gesture.

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Pituban and Pratana have been lovers for a long time.

Both families were well acquainted with the relationship, and the couple is said to have been planning to marry before Pratana fell ill.

She was admitted to a private hospital and treated for the disease, but died.