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He mocks Trump

He mocks Trump


  • Donald Trump and the Republican Party are in financial trouble, giving Joe Biden an advantage.
  • The Biden campaign raised more than $50 million in February, and stands to receive more than $100 million more than the Trump campaign.
  • Trump must also pay a fine of 3.7 billion Norwegian kroner in New York.
  • Despite this, Trump is performing well in the polls and is likely to win the 2024 election against Biden.

– One day, a man who looked broken came to me and said: “Mr. President, I need your help. I have a huge debt. I am completely ruined.” “Sorry Donald, I can't help you,” I replied.

These words belong to Joe Biden, and were said during a fundraiser in Texas on Wednesday The Independent.

It's a clear blow to his Republican opponent Donald Trump, who has financial troubles in his wake Fraud case He lost in court in New York.

Tears: Former President Donald Trump. Photo: AFP/NTB
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– Poor Donald

This statement joins the Biden campaign's series of attacks against Trump, which affect the businessman's wallet. On Thursday, Biden issued a press statement in which he called Trump “Brook Don” or “Black Don” in Norwegian.

Even if Trump is not likely bankrupt, the financial difference between the two election campaigns is huge at this stage.

The Biden campaign raised more than $50 million in February and ended the month with $150 million on the books, the latest fundraising numbers showed. That's about $100 million more than the Trump campaign, he writes Washington Examiner.

After repeatedly criticizing his rival for being eccentric, Donald Trump is now risking a taste of his own medicine. It seems that the most likely Republican candidate has forgotten who is actually in the White House. Video: A.B

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For Trump, it is also difficult to bridge the gap with the Democrats because he also has to spend a lot of money on the ongoing lawsuits against him and the fine he received from the New York State Attorney General for A staggering NOK 3.7 billion.

– The really big problem is that he needs this money for the campaign, because he is so far behind Biden in raised funds. American expert Eric Locke said in Civita that five billion dollars represents about half of the election campaign budget Borsun daily newspaper Thursday.

Big “but”.

Although money is very important in the American election campaign, this does not mean that it is decisive.

At the time of writing, Trump is doing very well in the polls, although perhaps one shouldn't put too much weight on that Opinion polls long before the electionit says something about the state of affairs at the moment.

According to the 538 website's average calculations, Biden is trailing in all important swing states and in many national opinion polls.

The website stated in a blog post that if the 2024 elections were held tomorrow, President Joe Biden would likely lose to former President Donald Trump. condition last week.

Trump has also proven that he can win elections without having the most money. In 2016, he beat Hillary Clinton despite the fact that he raised more than $200 million less than Clinton, he writes. Axios.

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