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He only works 3 hours a day.  Maria Botelho Muniz responds to "Barb"

He only works 3 hours a day. Maria Botelho Muniz responds to “Barb”

NSOn Thursday, October 28, Maria Botelho Muniz caught the eye in an Instagram post where she was wearing underwear, in connection with the promotion of a brand.

“Sometimes I feel like my day isn’t mine anymore. It slips between my fingers between the alarm clocks that go off at night, I run upstairs, I put on makeup, hair, and clothes, I run downstairs, meetings, direct phone calls, letters, and emails, I’ll I run down any other ladder, choices after choices, and some when I realize… that someone has already done it for me. But there are little things that bring me relief from not having to make a decision and the certainty that in the middle of it all, the presenter said in a comment Post “I’m still here”.

Among the many comments praising the more sensual side of the presenter, there was a negative that stood out: “You only work 3 hours a day, which is if you work 10 hours like a lot of people.”

Maria was not indifferent to this “barb”, she answered the letter: “You know, I never work below 12. Little kiss and I’m recovering.”

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