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He paid 54 euros for two bags of gum at the Christmas fair.  "This spoiled the day we had" - News

He paid 54 euros for two bags of gum at the Christmas fair. “This spoiled the day we had” – News

A couple decided to take their children on a Christmas picnic at the Winter Wonderland in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, UK. However, the afternoon, which should have been well spent, turned out to have a different outcome. When they left the park, the children wanted sweets—and their parents obliged, but the establishment charged them an exorbitant amount.

“I didn’t hear the woman say the price to my husband, but I could tell from his reaction that it was high, so I asked him how much the price was,” Rhiannon Brown revealed to Wales on the Internet🇧🇷 Then came the shock: the bill came to 47 pounds (equivalent to 54 euros), which was the amount paid for the two suitcases.

However, Rhiannon claimed that the bags weren’t even half full, but the Great British Fudge Company, the platform where the candy was purchased, confirmed that they consumed approximately 1.6kg of the sweets (and each 100g cost 2.79 pounds – roughly 3.2 euros). ), according to the same publication).


Credits: Media Wells

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Credits: Media Wells

“I guess we were kind of shocked, we knew it was going to be expensive but I thought maybe £20-23. [o marido] We just paid and went,” Rhiannon added. After that, the woman took to social networks to show her displeasure with the episode and lashed out at the company.

“This really spoiled the day we had,” she explained, quoting the Welsh newspaper. “Nowadays nobody can afford to spend £47 choosing desserts.” He even made a suggestion so that such mistakes would not happen again. “I think they should show a few bags of candy and say what that would cost on average so people realize that. No one knows what 100 grams of candy looks like.

However, the company returned the money to the family, who were unhappy with the situation. In a statement carried by the same publication, a company spokesperson explained that they would not have forced anyone “to pay for something they do not want or are unhappy with,” adding that they would have accepted if the woman had done so. “Leave the bag there or ask for some items to be removed.”

“We are already working on improving our services and avoiding problems in the future: clearer signage explaining weight and prices to customers, training our team to be able to provide better assistance to avoid similar problems,” the person in charge concluded, quoting “the sun”🇧🇷

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