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Good Goal Shooting: US President Joe Biden receives many compliments for what he did during his first 100 days in the White House. Photo: Drew Angerer / AFP

After 100 days at the White House, Joe Biden gave his first speech as President of Congress on Thursday evening.


With the polls’ strong support and a Democratic majority in Congress behind them, there is every reason to believe an optimistic Joe Biden will be on the stage. And with good reason, says American expert Alf Thomas Tunsen:

“To a large extent, President Joe Biden has succeeded,” he said.

As an associate professor and researcher at Agder University and an associated author with, he examined the efforts of American presidents and what they did in the first hundred days of their term.

Here I’m going to give him a set of 5 dice. These are ambitious goals he set, and ideas go straight to what Franklin D. Roosevelt did in the 1930s and Dwight D. Eisenhower did in the 1950s. At the time, the United States was a country that was essentially moving in the same direction. The researcher says that this is a policy that Biden wants to build on.

President Joe Biden makes no secret of his satisfaction with the fact that 215 million Americans have been vaccinated against covid19 in the three or more months of US rule.

Some would argue that the matter and much of the preparations were made in the fall of 2020 when Donald Trump sat in the White House.

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Positive: Associate Professor A. Thomas Tonsen thinks President Biden has done a good job so far. Photo: Agder University

Thursday night, Joe Biden will explain how he will continue to rule the United States in the direction he promised during the election campaign.

to me New York times It is a new plan for American families, one of the big and costly projects that the Biden administration will embark on. Increasing investment in education, free day care, and paid vacation is part of an ambitious policy the president wants to implement.

These are social benefits as the richest Americans are billed and large corporations levied.

But there will be greater problems obtaining full Congressional support for the infrastructure package. Vice President Kamala Harris stated that the long-term goal is to halve the poverty level in the United States, which of course will be a huge challenge, says Tunisin.

He believes the president will have two years busy and intense if he is to be able to penetrate the largest number of ambitious targets his administration has set.

It is important to take advantage of the opportunities available to him now. It may be more difficult after the Congressional by-elections in 2022. So far, Joe Biden has played his cards well. But he says he has big problems with the immigrant situation on the border with Mexico.

Biden’s reform packages will cost more than 30,000 billion NOK. Washington Post He writes that the President is not an inch away from reforming US immigration policy. In this case, it would give 11 million illegal immigrants access to the United States and be granted U.S. citizenship.

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