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He played with Rodrigo and arrived in Portugal for Porto… whom he will face in Villar de Perdez ::

He played with Rodrigo and arrived in Portugal for Porto… whom he will face in Villar de Perdez ::

Life takes many turns. Marcelo Tadeo He was born in Santos, and at a very young age, he ceased to be Village boy To follow the dream of playing on the old continent. He arrived at FC Porto but never proved himself. He passed through Spain and France, until he reached Villar de Perdez, where he will face the team that opened the doors for him on Portuguese soil.

The Brazilian, who is almost completing a decade in Portugal, spoke to Zero zero About a private meeting.

“We moved to Europe to fulfill my dream.”

Like most young people from the Canary Islands, Marcelo’s history with the sport began with futsal: “It all started when he was five years old. My grandfather took me to play at a school in my city (Santos). At six I went to Santos futsal. I was very young, but I stood out immediately and stayed there until I came to Portugal.

Marcelo met Rodrigo at the Santos archive @Personal

Born and raised in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, his entire career in Brazilian football passed through his city’s most famous club, Santos FC. There he met some players who play a major role in professional football Rodrigo Head. “I was lucky to meet many stars. Rodrygo is a player at a higher level. He has always been different, and it is no surprise that he is at the club he is at today. He is performing very well, both at national level and at Real Madrid. “For those who have known him since he was young, this is not surprising, he has always been a player with great potential,” he explained.

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At the age of 14, an invitation changed Marcelo’s life: “I arrived in Portugal when I was 14, in 2015. FC Porto’s scouts saw me there and invited me to come to Portugal. I talked to my family, and we decided to accept it. We moved to Europe to give me the opportunity to fulfill my dream.”

Things did not go as expected in the unbeaten season, but Marcelo is not leaving Portugal. He went through the youth ranks at Leixeus, Peñafiel and Olivirense, before leaving Portugal to play in Spain and France (as Alcorcon and Béziers) respectively, where he is considered to have gone through a phase of “more maturity”.

“In Spain and France, it developed a lot. The most important part of my maturity was there. The teams helped me a lot and I met a lot of people who helped me improve as a person and as a player. It was not easy to leave my comfort zone, I left Brazil when I was very young, but my family accompanied me, and in this case I went alone.

The Brazilian passed the Alcorcón bês @Personal archive

“We want to register our name in the history of Portuguese football.”

He returned to Portugal with Joan, where a good end of the season earned him a promotion to Vilar de Perdez, a team competing in the Portuguese Championship. Although he is not playing as much as he would like, the player admits that he is enjoying the experience in a city that “experiences football in a very intense way”.

“It is a small city, and for them it is a dream to see their team play against a big team and develop in this way. They will be there to support us and we will do our best to bring honor to the village. We want to inscribe our name in the history of Portuguese football,” he said, already anticipating the match with Porto. “There is no nervousness, there is anxiety. I really want to see the stadium full, with people supporting us. “It will be a very special moment, I just want to enjoy it.”

The Portuguese Cup is a showcase for small clubs like Villar, from a parish with a population of just over 400, and with almost no history in the panorama of national competitions. Hence the ecstasy, when in the clouds is the paper bearing the name of the cup bearer Fell in beans To Montelegriense Club. The moment was captured by the players, where Marcelo was also present, and went viral.

sIt will be a very special moment, I just want to enjoy it

Marcelo Tadeo

“I didn’t know they were scoring, I was focusing on my recovery (laughs). It was a very pleasant surprise, especially for my Portuguese colleagues. Many of them are from the Porto area and FC Porto is their favorite club. It was a very big emotion. We always want to play on the biggest stages and show what we deserve.

The match will be played in Engineered by Manuel Branco Teixeira’s Municipal Stadium, in Chaves, something that will come as no surprise to the players: “In general, we train in Villar de Perdezes, but the stadium is not yet big enough to be able to play official matches there. All the players live in Chavez and sometimes we train in the complex where we play, which is currently our home.

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Finally, faced with a player who wanted to change his shirt, Marcelo did not hesitate: “With Galeno. He’s a Brazilian player who plays in the same position as me. He is a player I am inspired by and I love watching him play, and I also sympathize with the way he plays.