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He promised to treat everyone to eat in a restaurant – ran away from the bill – Dagsavisen

He promised to treat everyone to eat in a restaurant – ran away from the bill – Dagsavisen

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump was to appear in court in Miami, Florida, after being charged with a number of crimes after taking home classified documents after he was forced to step down as president.

But even though Trump is in trouble, he is still popular with many Americans.

After the court session, Trump met with several of his supporters at the Versailles restaurant in Miami. There he was praised by dozens of attendees who shouted that they loved him and sang the birthday song for the former president, who turned seventy-seven the next day.

“Food for everyone!” Trump shouted in response to cheers from those present.

More visits to Miami

But did he actually pay for food for the Trump supporters in attendance? The local newspaper decided Miami New Times themselves to find out.

The answer is no. Nobody gets such a cup of coffee.

– But with a long election campaign ahead, filled with many possible court visits in Miami, Trump will have many opportunities to keep his promise in the future, the newspaper writes.

classified documents

Versailles is a popular Cuban restaurant in Miami, often used as a political meeting place for conservative Florida’s Hispanic immigrants.

During his visit, Trump criticized the US judiciary, calling the US a corrupt country, and claiming that President Joe Biden’s administration was “totally out of control”.

Therefore, Trump was forced to appear in court after he was indicted on 37 counts, after he took secret documents with him after stepping down as president.

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Among the documents, the FBI found concrete military attack plans against another country, and documents indicating weaknesses in the defense of Americans and other NATO countries in the event of an invasion by another country.