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“O ‘Big’ foi pai!”: Apontada explicação para a ‘ausência’ da “Voz” do “Big Brother”

He referred to the interpretation of the “absence” of the “voice” of “older brother”.

The absence of the “voice” of the charismatic older brother aroused the interest of fans of the show. “Biga” was more “dangerous” and fans of the show criticized the performance of the “female version” of the commander-in-chief of the country’s most guarded house.

Susanna Ariel, a human behavior specialist and fan of the TVI formula, took to social media on Friday, October 7, to point to an explanation for the absence of “Big.”

“According to the various messages I’ve received, Big rarely appears in this case because he was a father and is on vacation. If that’s true: BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!! For Endemol and TVI, they should have warned viewers about the start of BB (immediately!) because it was for a good reason, and Biga would have been accepted otherwise. So we feel cheated, because the big is big (and the bega is so weak)!He starts writing.

“Since they didn’t at first, seeing so many comments on Big’s absence, shouldn’t they make a statement right away? The reply is still being sent out for about a week after that???”it can still be read.

“Do you have any doubts as to whether I am a father or not? (If what has been said is true)… It is just that, if that is the case, they are not even surprised because a baby takes 9 months to be born!! Lu Endemol and TV I knew why They cheated on us and still make us wait until Sunday??? Are they so low in ideas that a big theme is necessary for the party? I’ve never seen a version so disorganized with so many fundamental flaws. Maybe that’s why I rarely follow them!”, Susanna Ariel concluded.

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