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“He slapped me because I was listening to a recording” - Marco Paolo on his difficult relationship with his father

“He slapped me because I was listening to a recording” – Marco Paolo on his difficult relationship with his father

Marco Paulo, one of Portugal’s most famous artists, prepares to see his life told in a mini-series produced by Coral Europa for SIC. The plot that collects a luxury castwith Diogo Martins And the Fernando Luis To play the role of a singer in different stages of his life.

One of the topics covered will be Morau’s childhood and the difficult relationship with his father. The singer’s father never accepted his son to be an artist and refused to kiss him since the beginning of his career.

It wasn’t all roses, spotlights, and applause until I got here. My life was very difficult. My father refused when he forbade me from singing. When he slapped me in the face because he didn’t want me to listen to music, when my father, for a long time, refused a kiss because I sang.”He narrated it in a recent interview Fatima Lopez In a program magic chest.

I did not accept what my father wanted, he wanted me to join a trade course, study, and this had nothing to do with artists, music and singing. He never accepted it, and the way it affects me and hurts me, in a sense, was not kissing me.”remembered.

I was saying, Dad, why don’t you kiss me? I am his son … only later he kissed me and it was my mother who asked him for it ”, Remember, to cry.

“There was no reason, I did whatever my father wanted… It was his way. He wasn’t a bad father, he loved me, but he didn’t want me to sing and I wanted to sing. I wanted to be the person I am today and the Portuguese did me this service.” My gratitude will always be eternal until the last day of my life.‘, highlighted.

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Despite the difficult relationship, Marco Paolo knows his father as a man of character. I’m not here to condemn my father. My father was a charming man, a good husband, a good father, and a good grandfather. My father only had the good things, and it was probably what he did to me because he wanted me to follow something else, in his mind it was the best.”He said.

But when he slapped me because I was singing, it hurt me so much: ‘Oh my God, how could my father do this to me?’ I slapped because I was listening to a record that’s not normal”he added.