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He wants to return to his country

He wants to return to his country

The Benfica coach admitted that the German striker is about to leave the club in a guise, and confirmed he was “worried” about the players’ recovery in Tuesday’s duel with PSV Eindhoven.

On Saturday, the Reds beat Gil Vicente at Barcelos, and in terms of the team’s performance, only Jorge Jesus was praised and admitted he made no substitutions in the first half as he was already considering Tuesday’s game against PSV Eindhoven, in anticipation of the second game. UEFA Champions League playoff match.

“The team was very fierce, with two very different parts. In the first part we created chances, but in the second part, in the last 15 minutes, Gil Vicente had a hard time keeping up. Especially after entering Darwin, who was very fast. He recovered. Faster than We thought. I didn’t change in the first half because we had a game on Tuesday. We ran a lot in the game with PSV and didn’t recover yet, and there wasn’t time for that. That went faster. I had to change the game because we were tied, because if we won, they would still be. They play for less time,” Jorge Jesus began explaining right away.

Already at the press conference, the Benfica coach admitted Waldschmidt’s departure. The German striker, who signed for Benfica last season and who this season scored two goals in two games, wants to return to his homeland and even had a proposal.

“There is a proposal, let’s see. He had some proposals from the German teams, there is a possibility and he wants to go home. Let’s see what we can do. If he has to stay, stay, I already spoke to him about it and he said if he stays he is happy.”

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The Reds won (2-0), on Saturday, against Gil Vicente, in Barcelos, in the third round of the league. Lucas Verissimo and Grimaldo scored the goals of the match. With this result, Benfica is temporarily isolated at the top of the league with nine points, three points behind Gil Vicente, who suffered the first defeat, and the champions of Sporting and Porto, who have a game less.