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He warns against this: – Absolutely zero tolerance

He warns against this: – Absolutely zero tolerance

Earlier in February, Finans Norge presented figures showing that insurance companies uncovered fraud worth nearly half a billion kroner last year.

Fremtind now reports that the number of fraud cases has increased by 53 percent from the previous year.

– We were prepared for the increase last year, but the fact that the number should increase so much tells us that the numbers are probably larger than we expected, says Lisa Kathryn Olsen, head of research at Fremtend, in a press release.

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The insurance company announces that it has uncovered most of the fraud cases within home and travel insurance.

– These are often related to fraudulent documents, customers reporting damages that did not actually occur or customers exaggerating their damage claims. Insurance fraudsters come from all ages, Fremtend writes.

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Olsen points out that many people don't think insurance fraud is very serious, but fraud of even small amounts can lead to prison sentences. Fraud attempts are often detected because images are borrowed from the Internet or forged.

Insurance fraud disrupts the connection layer formed by insurance and makes insurance more expensive for everyone. We have a zero tolerance for fraud as it affects our customers.

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