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He was arrested after being suspected of taking a coach hostage

He was arrested after being suspected of taking a coach hostage

Police arrested a suspect between Hilboldstein and Greeding in Bavaria on Autobahn 9 in the evening after he allegedly took a trainer hostage. A police spokesman said police had access at 9:30 p.m. According to initial findings, no one was injured. It is not yet clear whether the culprit actually had a weapon with him. He said so, the spokesman said.

The A9 was previously closed in both directions due to police action. Police spoke of a “threatening situation” in the coach due to the armed passenger.

SEK access after hours of use

A spokesman said SEK’s forces were approached after several hours of use. Explosions can also be heard. According to the spokesman, these were caused by blind agents who used SEK to divert the culprit.

There were only the last three bus drivers on the bus with the armed passenger. All the other passengers were out on the hard shoulder. The police negotiating team tried to contact the person. When it finally won, the 30-year-old driver got off the bus. When the SEK continued to attack, he was arrested without protest.

Prolonged traffic jams on the A9 also closed the ICE lane

According to reports, the operation began at 5:30 p.m. The Serbian coach was on his way to Munich with 14 people on board. The incident was triggered by an argument on the bus in which a woman and a man were injured in the face. The “Built” newspaper reported that the suspect shouted confusing things.

It was not immediately clear on Tuesday evening whether the man was actually armed. Initially, police said no weapon was found in his possession. But you have to look for the bus first. The arrested person was interrogated that night.

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Autobahn 9 was completely blocked by police in both directions between the Hilboldstein and Grading intersections. Motorists were stranded, causing long traffic jams. The A9 is not free again until 11am. The ICE route between Nuremberg and Munich has also been temporarily closed.