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Spellemannsprisen 2018 - presentasjon av nominerte

– He was crazy talented – NRK Urix – Foreign Documentary News

– I think that’s very sad, he was a crazy talent, I’ve heard a lot about him. Perhaps Sweden’s greatest artist.

Marcus Cabello Moll Musil, better known as rapper Camillen, told NRK.

Police were alerted late Thursday night to the shooting in Hammarby, south of Stockholm. A person was found with a bullet wound to the head and chest.

According to Swedish media, 19-year-old artist Einar was shot. He later died of his injuries.

– having a child

Einár, or Nils Kurt Erik Einár Grönberg, broke out when he was 16 in 2019 with the song “Cat in the Neighborhood.”

No one has been arrested yet since Einar’s killing Thursday night.

Photo: Henrik Montgomery/AFP

– He was 19 years old, maybe he was a kid. It’s pretty awful, says Moselle.

According to Expressen, Einár has been under threats for a long time. A source for the newspaper says it is a shot at the artist.

– I learned through social media that there were some disagreements there, but maybe a lot happened. Moselle says my thoughts go to family and relatives.

Swedish artist Lisa Nilsson described Einar’s killing as “extremely sad”.

– My warmest thoughts to family and relatives – and my mother is Latifah Lina.

Lisa Nelson for Einar
Photo: screenshot from Instagram, taken on 22.10.2022

Skodespelar Lena Nelson, known in films such as “PS Last Summer” and “The Video Man”, is Einár’s mother.

– Thoughts walkthrough. Where was the protection? He had to testify against the Vårby network that kidnapped him. Unreasonable, you write more.

Many Swedish media write that The actress was kidnapped last year By another Swedish artist who has connections to this network. Next week he will testify in court.

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Change is required. Nelson wrote that guns should be removed from the streets and out of the impulsive hands of young men.

Working on the song together

Swedish artist Victor Lexel, familiar with the song “Weak,” says he feels proud as a big brother to Einar, who goes by the nickname “Santa.”

– Damn Santa, my dear friend. He writes in a post that shouldn’t end like this Instagram.

Victor Lexel for Einar
Photo: screenshot from Instagram, taken on 22.10.2021

“The Santa Claus I had the honor of getting to know was a warm and loving man, and I will remember him forever,” Lexel writes.

According to the artist, the two worked on a song together, which they hoped to perform at one of the festivals in the future.

– Damn it would be like that. My dear friend, rest in peace. We see each other on the other side.

Young life died

Swedish rapper ADAAM has performed several songs with Einár. employment Instagram He writes that they saw again in the “heaven” paradise.

– Rest now my brother, may God forgive your sins, we will see them in heaven.

Pop artist Zara Larsson also posted a picture of her Instagram storywith a broken heart

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven described the murder as tragic.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven

Lovin Einar’s victory meant a lot to the youth.

Photo: Eric Simander/TT

– It’s the life of a young woman who died, and I understand that it meant a lot to many young people. He says it is tragic that another life is extinct express.