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He was hit by a cyclist and died a moment later.  How did this tragedy happen?  :: Magazine :: RMF FM

He was hit by a cyclist and died a moment later. How did this tragedy happen? :: Magazine :: RMF FM

In the town of Cilin near Morocco in the province. Warmion-Mussoorie Voidoship, a tragic road accident. The 51-year-old driver was hit by a cyclist and died shortly afterwards. How did this tragedy happen?

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He hit a cyclist and a moment later he died

The tragedy took place on Provincial Road No. 527 on the Bramca-Morocco route in the province. Province of Vermia-Masuria. Monday at 5:30 p.m. The 51-year-old driver, for unknown reasons, attacked a 60-year-old man on a bicycle with a Toyota. A 60-year-old cyclist living in a Moroccan rural commune died at the scene.

Several hundred meters from the scene of the accident, police found another victim of this dangerous accident. A 51-year-old man who had previously attacked a 60-year-old cyclist also died at the scene. According to investigators’ initial findings, after hitting a 60-year-old man, the Toyota driver had to leave the road and run into a roadside tree and fall into a ditch.

How did this tragedy happen?

The prosecutor’s office began an investigation into this mysterious tragedy that took place on the road. Investigators ordered an autopsy and a detailed examination. Authorities will try to find the exact cause of this tragic road accident. So far, it is not known exactly what happened on Provincial Road No. 527.

If so it is unknown The 51-year-old Toyota driver ran off the road and fell into a ditch and died. It may even be The 51-year-old fell unconscious on the wheel of a car, which resulted in him being hit by a cyclist and then forcefully going into a ditch. We will know the exact circumstances of this mysterious road accident when the lawyer’s investigation is over.

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