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“He was its main victim.”

“He was its main victim.”

Cosé Cid never hid the closeness that Amalia Rodrigues had with her mother, nor even the unfriendly relationship that he himself had with the fado singer.

The singer, who mentioned in previous interviews that Amalia was never “nice” to him, has now returned to talking about the artist, without leaving criticism aside.

“I’m very Portuguese when it comes to writing. First I come from Fado. When I was 10 years old I was a Fado singer back home, in Chamusca, in Ribatejo. When Amalia Rodrigues went there, I opened the concert and sang. Before her. I also performed The end of Amalia’s career in her last concerts in the United States. Amalia was never very friendly with me, “he began by saying José Cid in a conversation for the quarterly magazine of the Alvalade Parish Council.

When asked why there was no connection between the two, the singer replied: “Because I sold more records on Valentim de Carvalho and she would never accept a younger person selling more.” Amalia did not deal well with the success of others. She also did not deal well with Dulce Pontes, but I was its main victim.”

In this interview, José Cid once again highlighted that Amalia was a friend of his mother, even suggesting that the fado singer tried to keep him away from music. “I immediately colluded with my mother against me. My mother hated that I sang, she wanted me to become an engineer or a doctor. They were both against me and Amalia said goodbye to me in this way: ‘Look, where am I?’ “Would I have arrived if I had a mother like you?” Syed recalled, later reporting the answer he gave. “Amalia has made it as far as she can,” I answered. She is the greatest singer in the world of her generation. But if she had a mother like mine and told her at the age of 17 here in Anadia that she wanted to go to Lisbon to sing for a fado house she would be beaten and locked in the last room of the house with chains,” he added.

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It is worth noting that Amalia died in October 1999, when José Cid was 57 years old.

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