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"He was next to me in bed..."

“He was next to me in bed…”

On the afternoon of Monday, September 20, Joanna Anna Soares at the park shared some of the love disappointments she’s already been through:I forgive the betrayal‘ he began by saying, then counting.

I did not forgive more. I don’t regret it at all, because we also experienced very good stuff, but it was very complicated. He worked at night, and I had to automatically think ‘either I want to be with him or I don’t deserve it’. Because he went into the night, I stayed home to sleep, so I will constantly think? I even went to his parties, but there are always things you don’t like to see“.

Seixal competitor provided details of one episode in which she was surprised with a message: “he was there [discussão] So serious: It was a carnival and we were home, we just woke up. He was taking reservations for tables and meanwhile there is a girl answering him…but I was looking at him by chance and she said ‘I can’t go, but also if I’ll go disguised as f***’. And he said ‘that’s just me.’ He was beside me in bed I sat down, took a deep breath 30,000 times and said, “I can’t see it very well, it’s impossible, it’s ridiculous.” I took a breath and said, “Get out!”“.

Watch the video here.

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