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Head change to Luan

What’s new on the planet Instagram? Some are mammals (like the cuckoo les women who revealed her body after pregnancy) or are preparing to do so, while others have changed their minds at the beginning of the school year (like Louine) … Come on, we’ll show you all ‘We must not miss the accounts of our favorite people in recent days.

While some were still enjoying the sunshine, it was back to school for Luan, who recently admitted like never before about her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter. The one who didn’t want a baby (before she changed her mind with Esme’s arrival) actually released the solo Game Girl Part of Pokemon Saga’s 25 years and made a small change in appearance: no more pink hair, the color she wore in her delicate photo at sea in the hands of her friend Florian Rosie- love at first sight. The young woman regained her beautiful gratitude for the skill of her hairdresser Rudy, who also discovered the opportunity to get a short haircut. This way.

The mood swings of Louin, Ashley Graham and her baby-pump

Luan didn’t just change his hairstyle. Like her, actress Bobby Montgomery left her red hair for blonde, while Fastin Pollard showed off her old-fashioned curls on the beach in a teen snapshot. By Ashley Graham, already a mother, she is pregnant with her second child, physically and proudly poses as the baby bends over. Hello Girls (sister Juliet Cuts), after posing in the maternity ward, revealed what the post-pregnancy body looked like.

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The last days of the holiday for the people

It was so cute: Joy Esther made a new furry friend in Sicily, Adrian Brady posed with her beautiful Rocky and Liz Hurley adopted a little mini. Still on vacation, Alessandra Suplet went on a trek with her children Charlie and Alphonse, while Coralie Boroveccio gave her son Lero a big hug, posting a beautiful family photo of Drew and Pascal Sodens before the school year began. With his son Enzo on the beach.

We wanted to : Hot selfie by Kelly Wedowelli.

We wanted less : Rachel Bowler’s whole mud mask, a little confusing.

These photos and more can be found on our featured Instagram slideshow This way.