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Health Boss: How to get vaccinated quickly against Govt-19?

Health Boss: How to get vaccinated quickly against Govt-19?

If you are a caregiver or you have not yet been vaccinated, the countdown is on: you must certify a complete vaccination schedule and wait 14 days after the second injection to receive your health pass by the end of August.

Nursing staff have until Sept. 15 to present a complete vaccination schedule, meaning they have received the two doses needed for the vaccine, and must wait 2 weeks after the second injection. It leaves caregivers within a month to be vaccinated. This applies to everyone who wants to access cultural venues and restaurants with their health pass. How to get vaccinated early?

Make an appointment from the “White Ma Dose” site

The site created by Guilloma Rogier has become necessary to access its vaccine dosage. “My dose quickly“It will help you to choose your vaccine window in relation to that location or with the quantities available very quickly, which will allow you to access the precious serum in a short period of time.

According to the site’s creator, “Quick My Dose” recorded “more than 3.4 million searches for vaccine appointments” and “more than 1.1 million appointments were launched” on Monday, July 12, the day of Emmanuel Macron’s speech.

Find Walk-in Vaccination Centers

If you want to deal with delays in making an appointment to get vaccinated, the best appointment may not be to make an appointment yet. Some vaccination centers pay patients without meeting: All you have to do is show them with the correct ID card and key card.

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The Hot-Coron Province 6 vaccination centers such as Toulouse, Saint-Zori or Muaret can be accessed without being appointed by the department. For other fields, see your provinces website.

Find the appointment on the Doctolip website

This is another solution to quickly get a time spot and get vaccinated: look at the quantities available on the site Doctolip. This medical site allows for quick registration and offers a variety of solutions if you wish to receive your vaccine, including from a general practitioner or a nursing office. Be careful though: not all vaccination centers are listed on the site, and you should check out the “Quickly My Dose” site where the nearest vaccination center is located.

On Monday, July 12, the site recorded a “complete record” of appointment requests as more than 926,000 people requested the platform to access the vaccine dose.

ud83d udd34 Yesterday, 926,000 French people met with Doctolip to be vaccinated (1st dose). A complete post #VaccinationCovid

– Doctolip (oct doctolip) July 13, 2021