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Health in the summer: varicose veins can intensify with rising temperatures |  Campus Mail

Health in the summer: varicose veins can intensify with rising temperatures | Campus Mail

Consultation – Varicose veins are often uncomfortable during the summer, and this feeling is not limited to aesthetic aspects, because this is the season of casual wear, with shorts, skirts and dresses, but also because of the period, it is characterized by a warmer climate, and can exacerbate Symptoms.

According to the Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery (SBACV), it is estimated that the registration of complaints related to varicose veins increases from 20 to 30% in summer, because high temperatures can cause the veins to dilate and thus weaken. Venous return.

According to vascular surgeon and SBACV member, Dr. Marcio Steinbruch, veins are responsible for draining blood already used in the body back to the heart, and in the lower extremities, this pathway is carried out against the force of gravity. “In this case, it is done with the help of the calf, which is the muscular system known as the heart of the legs, along with the valves in the vessels. But when there is too much pressure inside them, it can lead to dilation of the veins and thus the appearance of varicose veins,” comments the specialist.

In the summer, the vascular surgeon explains that the body goes through some phenomena to control body temperature, such as vasodilation. “These operations can lead to or exacerbate circulatory problems, and it is important to stress that varicose veins are not only aesthetic health risks, as they can facilitate the development of other complications, such as venous thrombosis or ulcers,” he highlights.

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Therefore, at this time of year, it is common to notice an intensification of symptoms related to the problem, such as pain and swelling in the legs. “Many people with a history of venous disease note that the condition worsens during the warmer months of the year. Additionally, I usually recommend it to anyone who has close relatives with varicose veins, or who has a history of lower extremity heaviness, fatigue, and cramping , dry and itchy skin, should seek a vascular surgeon for a preventive consultation,” Steinbruch.

To prevent symptoms from worsening, Dr. Marcio recommends using elastic compression stockings, a specialist noted, keeping the legs elevated above the heart and avoiding staying in the same position for too long, whether standing or sitting.. He concluded, “It is important to increase hydration and caution. In the diet, which should be as balanced as possible, and of course try to include a few minutes in the routine for stretching and physical exercise.”