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Health problems force Letizia to stop – Vervier

Health problems force Letizia to stop – Vervier

There are enough reasons for the king to withdraw from public life.

04/25/2024 • 21 h 17

Queen Letizia is facing a difficult stage when it comes to her health, as evidenced by the recent trip of the Spanish Kings to the Netherlands. woman Felipe VI was forced to stay Sitting on a chairWhile greeting the guests of the Dutch royalty at a dinner party due to the unbearable pain he is suffering due to Morton's neuroma.

It is impossible to deny that Letizia is tired, and as such, journalist Pilar de Aire, writing in the magazine “Lecturas”, advised the king to take a rest, while at the same time regaining his strength. “Having cameras and a thousand eyes analyzing in detail and scrutinizing the smallest details multiplies the discomfort to no end.”“, wrote the royal expert. “For 20 years, the Queen has given her body to bullets, facing complex situations, harsh criticism, family tragedies and marital problems. She needs time to withdraw from public life and undergo medical care, as other members of the royal family have done, Mette Maret.” From Norway or Carlos from England, if so, we will all applaud them.”Pilar de Aire said at last.

The fact is that Letizia's schedule was less busy this week, which suggests that her health problems forced her to slow down.

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