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Health Radar: The planet continues to gain weight – and at an earlier age

Health Radar: The planet continues to gain weight – and at an earlier age

There is no longer a single region in the world that is not affected by excess weight. Here's the diagnosis made by the World Obesity Federation in its latest survey, based on an analysis of data from 186 countries.

The entity concludes that the growth of the problem is alarming in low- and middle-income countries, affecting more and more children
And teenagers – 88% of overweight young people will live in these countries by 2035, the association calculates. It also expects that the number of adults suffering from obesity in the world will reach 1.5 billion within a decade.

Brazil is no exception to this rule: here it is estimated that there is a 2% annual increase in the rate of individuals with a high body mass index (BMI). The atlas also reveals that of the 41 million annual deaths due to chronic diseases, at least 5 million are directly linked to being overweight.

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Past: 25 years of generic drugs in Brazil

A law signed in 1999 established the market and supply of these medicines, which are copies of the original versions that had lost their patent. Generic medicines, which contain the same active ingredient, dosage and route of administration as leading brand medicines, represent a shift in access to treatments in the country, contributing to the democratization of healthcare.

Future: Soybean oil residue for menopausal relief

(Illustration: Eva Oviedo/Vega Saudi)

Almost everything from these legumes can be used. Scientists from Unicamp are testing whether an extract derived from oil production can produce substances capable of alleviating menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes and insomnia.

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The idea is to evaluate the potential of bioactive compounds in soy that mimic estrogen in a woman's body.

Location: The scourge of malnutrition in the Gaza Strip

One of the most serious effects of the war between Israel and Hamas is the food shortage affecting Palestinian families. Children are literally starving to death.

The image of the emaciated boy, who was apparently a victim of malnutrition, shocked the world. The United Nations has already issued warnings about the situation, and food parcels have begun being parachuted into Gaza.

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One thing you should know: At least 9,000 steps a day to keep your heart from failing

Radar Data Bios
(Illustration: Eva Oviedo/Vega Saudi)

Australian researchers, after checking information from 72,174 people (average age 61 years), found that sedentary people who walk between 9,000 and 10,000 steps per day reduce the risk of suffering (and dying) from cardiovascular disease.

This finding was revealed after researchers studied data collected from patients using mobile devices.

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one sentence

Radar phrase-woman
(Illustration: Eva Oviedo/Vega Saudi)

Ariana Harwich, an Argentine writer based in France, in the book Noise of the Age (Instant – Click to Buy):

“The only time I underwent analysis, the psychoanalyst told me that thinking about death all the time is psychologically impossible, and that there must be moments when we do not know that we are going to die. I told her that death haunts me 24 hours a day.

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“Even when you write?” “When I write, even more so.” I wonder why, besides being Argentine, born in the 1970s, and far away, I cried so much over Maradona's death. I think it has to do with the writing. In fact, over time it was lost.”