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HomescienceHealth trains specialists in recognizing and treating monkeypox

Health trains specialists in recognizing and treating monkeypox

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Next Monday (8), the Municipal Health Department of Campinas will conduct a training of health workers from public and private networks, from 2 pm to 5 pm, to counter monkeypox, a disease popularly known as monkeypox. The training will be broadcast on the Health Workers Education Center YouTube channel.

All health units are ready to make the diagnosis, with the necessary materials, and train them, said Director of Health Surveillance Department (DEVISA), Andrea von Zuben.

“We will be doing new training on Monday for the entire public and private sector network. We are also providing guidance for places, such as hotels, where towels and bed linen are shared,” the manager said.

In the training, health professionals from the network of primary care, reference services, emergency and emergency services from public and private Campinas networks will be updated on the epidemiological situation of the disease, and trained in the monitoring and health care of disease cases. Monkeypox in Campinas

The update includes clinical aspects, management of suspected and confirmed cases of the disease, guidelines for conducting laboratory tests, organization of assistance services and case monitoring.

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