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HomescienceHealth units report lack of Covid tests in Londrina - CBN Londrina

Health units report lack of Covid tests in Londrina – CBN Londrina

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A patient from the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in Jardim Sapara, in the western region of Londrina, contacted CBN last week to report that she had been diagnosed with coronavirus even without undergoing a test that detects the disease. In the certificate issued by the doctor who treated her, the professional indicates that she did not conduct the test due to the lack of tests in the unit. However, he says that given the symptoms that appeared, it was possible to confirm that the patient was infected. The report was able to determine that this shortage had also been recorded in other units in Londrina and even in other cities in the region. The shortage will be linked to increased demand for care by people who have had Covid-19 in recent weeks.

The municipal health department confirmed in a memorandum that the problem was a one-off and that examination inventory would be normalized in all units within the next few days.

The increase in the number of coronavirus cases has been recorded across the state, which last month recorded more than 6,500 positive diagnoses of the disease. This number is 400% higher compared to, for example, 1,237 cases recorded in July. In Londrina alone, during the 31 days of October, more than 900 cases and 14 deaths from the disease were confirmed. The municipal health secretary, Felipe Machado, confirmed this increase, but emphasized that the situation, so far, has not led to the care of serious cases and, consequently, more hospitalizations. According to him, due to vaccination, the majority of those infected showed only mild symptoms of the disease.

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Machado also highlighted the importance of Londoners updating their Covid-19 immunizations. Four doses and two doses are available in all basic health units. There is no longer a need to schedule a vaccination.

Due to the increase in the number of cases, Curitiba once again made the use of masks mandatory in health units. In Londrina, according to the Ministry of Health, the current decree continues to apply, and the use of the accessory is recommended only in units and places with crowds of people and is not mandatory.

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