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Health vaccination, Wednesday, pregnant and postpartum women with the first dose

Municipal Health Administration (SMS) vaccine with the first antiviral dose on Wednesday (1/9) of pregnant and postpartum women (women who gave birth before 45 days) of 18 years of age or older. There are 18 service points (addresses below) that are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In order to immunize a new age group with the first dose, the Secretariat is waiting to receive new immunizations.

Pregnant and postpartum women

To vaccinate pregnant and postpartum women, the municipal health department follows the National Immunization Program General Coordination Guidelines, which refer women in this group only to Coronavac or Pfizer immunizers.

Furthermore, vaccination against COVID-19 is also conditioned on the individual joint evaluation of the woman and her physician.

Going to get the vaccine

To receive the vaccine, SMS advises you to register in advance on the Saúde Já platform through the website or via the mobile application. Registration speeds up the vaccination process.

It is also necessary to provide an identity document with a photo, CPF and proof of residence with an address in Curitiba (if in the name of the spouse, a certificate of marriage or stable marriage must also be submitted).

With the vaccination of younger age groups, the municipal health department also accepts proof of residence in the name of the father or mother, accompanied by a document proving membership.

In the case of rentals that have not been formalized by real estate agencies, proof of residence address must be submitted with a statement from the property owner, with legal responsibility for the rent and information.

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second dose

There will also be a second dose application on Wednesday for people who were vaccinated with the first dose of Coronavac on August 4 and 5 and Astrazeneca or Pfizer on June 8.

Who can receive the first dose on Tuesday (09/1):

Pregnant and postpartum women (women who gave birth before 45 days) of 18 years of age or older.

Vaccination sites

From 8 am to 5 pm

1- Healing ward

Parejoy Park (entrance only via BR-277)

2- US Ombudsman Bardinho

Rua 24 de Mayo, 807 – Ovidor Bardinho Square

3 – Reference center for sport and physical activity

Rua Augusto de Mare, 2150 – Guerra

4 – United States Salvador Allende

Rua Celeste Tortato Gabardo, 1712 – Seto Cercado

5 – American Pargot de Souza

Rua Joao Eloy de Sousa, 111 – Seto Cercado

6 – Diana’s American villa

Roi Rene Descartes, 537 – Al-Abrash

7 – Avellino Fiera Sports and Recreation Center

Rua Gilherme Ellenfeldt, 233-Bakachery

8 – United States Jardim Paranaense

Rua Pedro Nabosni – 57 years old – Alto Boquerao

9- Visit the United States

Rua Dr. Bley Zornig, 3136- Boqueirão

10 – United States Camargo

Rua Pedro Violani – 364 – Kajuru

11 – American Uberaba

Rua Cap Leonidas Marques, 1392 – Uberaba

12- People’s Club CIC

Rua Hilda Cadelli de Oliveira, No. 700

13- United States Villa Phillies

Rua Pedro Juso, 866 – A New World

14- American Aurora

500 Theophilo Mansour Street – New World

15 – American Pine

Rua Juana Emma Dalpozo Zardo – 370 – Santa Felicidad

16- American Orleans

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Avenida Alderman Toaldo Tullo, 4577 – Orleans

17 – Rua da Cidadania do Tatuquara

Rua Olivardo Konoroski Bueno, s/n

18 – Rua da Cidadania do Fazendinha

1700 Carlos Klimtz Street