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Hear the sound captured in a black hole, more than 240 million light-years from Earth [vídeo]

Did you know that black holes have sound? The US space agency (NASA) shared on social media a video of about 30 seconds, in which you can hear sound waves captured near a black hole. This post has gone viral.

The sound waves were picked up nearly 20 years ago, along with a black hole located at the center of the Perseus cluster of galaxies, more than 240 million light-years from Earth. With this video, NASA also intends to end the “misconception” that there is no sound in space:

The misconception arises that there is no sound in space because most of space is a vacuum, and it does not provide any medium for sound waves to travel. A group of galaxies contains so much gas that we catch the real soundIt can be read in the publication.

NASA further explains that the galaxy cluster “It contains large amounts of gas that surrounds hundreds or even thousands of galaxies inside, providing a medium for sound waves to travel‘, quotes Washington Post.

This sound was first released in May of this year, after the sound waves “Extracted and made audibleThe 34-second video was titled NASA’s “Black Hole Remix.”

  • text: SIC Notícias, partner POSTAL TV

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