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Heart attack risk is four times higher in diabetics

Heart attack risk is four times higher in diabetics

The Brazilian Society of Diabetes (SBD) considers diabetes to be a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Data from the entity indicates that a woman with diabetes may be up to 50% more likely to have a heart attack than a woman without the disease. In the case of men with diabetes, the risk can be as high as 40%. It is estimated that 21.5 million Brazilians will develop diabetes in 2030, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Diabetes Atlas.

“Diabetes is caused by insufficient production or poor absorption of insulin, and a buildup of glucose in the blood can damage heart tissue. Platelets, the blood cells that begin to form clots in the blood, also become involved in platelets,” explains endocrinologist Denis Reis-Franco. It is more compact in people with diabetes, which increases the possibility of blockages in the arteries.

The specialist also emphasizes that if a person has other risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and a family history of acute infarctions associated with diabetes, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease increases.

care and prevention

A balanced diet and physical activities are the main means of preventing diabetes. Once the disease is acquired, there is no cure for it, but it is possible to control glycemic indexes for quality of life and avoid complications.

The specialist concludes that “in addition to healthy habits, it is essential that the person with diabetes undergo medical follow-up in order to better adhere to treatments and prevent high blood sugar levels, including the use of insulin, when necessary.”

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