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Heat stroke and indigestion stop prompting Coca Rosita to abandon the concert in Era and leave people angry - Notícias do Sorraia

Heat stroke and indigestion stop prompting Coca Rosita to abandon the concert in Era and leave people angry – Notícias do Sorraia

Residents of Vila Nova da Erra, Coruche, are angry at fado singer Cuca Roseta, after she abandoned the concert for which the festival committee had rented in Nossa Senhora do Vale, according to Miguel Capucho, the singer’s representative. , because he suffered from a pause in digestion, due to a presumed heat stroke.

The concert with Coca Rosetta was scheduled to take place at Festas da Erra on Sunday, July 31, when the famous Portuguese singer felt bad half an hour after its start, left the stage, and was later replaced by local singer Fado Beatriz. lucky.

Miguel Capucho has already responded in a statement to what happened, and therefore intends to clarify the whole situation, which he regrets, stressing also that “Immediately refund all paymentsBefore the festival committee, after it refused to reschedule the concert, for a day (Monday) or for one day to be agreed upon between the two parties.

According to the artist’s director, she sang for 35 minutes, the equivalent of eight songs (Rua do Capelão, Chiça Penico, Negrita, Tiro-liro-liro, Porta do Beijo, Fado Corrido, Rosinha), when “She started to feel dizzy, sick, and very dizzy“.

After completing the first part of the ceremony, Coca Rosetta returned to the dressing rooms, and according to Miguel Capucho, “The organization was immediately informed of what was happening“.

with a view to “Earn artist recovery timeFado singer Raquel Machado was called to the stage, as was Miguel Capucho himself, a former fado singer who played two songs.
“Knowing of the presence of Beatrice Velizardo, I called the artist to sing four other fados that she knows and respects, in an attempt to buy more time, and to give the audience the entertainment they depended on”, justifies the responsible for the Coca Rosetta march in the presence of the singer Fado .. place.

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There were no doctors or firefighters on the premises, the manager contacted a nurse on site who assessed, as far as possible, possible heat illness, indicating to the artist that she was leaving the venue and could, as a precaution, where appropriate, be assessed by electrocardiogram,” they said in a statement, expressing regret that Coca Rosetta’s health had not improved in order to allow her to conclude the show.

According to her representative, Cuca Roseta, Monday was evaluated by a specialist. Although there is no medical report yet, it is suspected that the 42 degrees she felt during the afternoon at Vila Nova da Era contributed to the artist’s malaise.

Miguel Capucho regrets the whole situation, from the concert that ended up being postponed twice, due to the pandemic, and around it “Management was also sensitive to the agency’s potential and reduced its value by 50%.. “

“While we understand the frustration of the festival committee which struggles so much to carry out these kinds of parties to which we are always sensitive, there must also be a better understanding on the other side if there is a health issue with the artists, the only guarantee that allows postponing a concert,” reads the artist’s statement, who claims to beSame commitment and love of singing for big crowds or small villages“.

Miguel Capucho also refers to the “less dignified way in which the Commission has dealt with the case”, refusing to provide further clarification on the matter and what he says is the “less dignified way”.

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The official also states that although there is a change of positions in the artist’s official agenda, posted on her social networks, she “always knows where she will sing”, referring to the municipality first and only then the site.

Miguel Capucho concluded his statement by sending “thanks to the artist Beatriz Velizardo for the support she provided at that time and in the live episode”, hoping that the clarifications provided would serve the truth and nothing more.

The NS also contacted Antonio Brutas, Judge of the Festas da Erra Commission, who told us that at the moment the Commission would not respond to the statement, and promised, however, to clarify the matter in a timely manner and all those who had been by the Commission side in the past three years.