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Heat wave in Europe: - Red danger warning:

Heat wave in Europe: – Red danger warning:

A red alert was issued for the regions of Aragon, Navarra and La Rioja in Spain today, with temperatures expected to reach 42 degrees.

to me Radio Danmarks It could be 43 degrees in southern France and 40 degrees in Berlin tomorrow.

It is intense heat sweeping Europe now, the newspaper said.

Temperatures are expected to reach their highest levels in France on Saturday and Germany on Sunday. But countries such as Spain, Poland, Austria, Ukraine and Russia are also expected to experience unusually high temperatures in the coming days, she wrote. Aftonbladet.

According to the newspaper, temperatures in some places will be 15 to 20 degrees warmer than normal.

eleven temperature records

Already yesterday, temperatures soared to more than 40 degrees in parts of France, and Saturday’s weather will mark the peak of a heat wave in June, according to the British newspaper The Guardian. WatchmanWho writes that temperatures are expected to reach 42 degrees in several places there today.

According to Meteo France, a French meteorological forecaster, 11 heat records have already been recorded in the country so far this month.

Temperatures are expected to gradually decrease again from Sunday, with thunderstorms occurring in parts of France and elsewhere in Europe, according to the Guardian.

– Today seems to be the last with scorching heat, says Meteorological Institute meteorologist, Eldbjørg Moxnes, to Dagbladet.

– The students fainted

In the northern Spanish regions of Catalonia and Navarre, fires have destroyed more than 1,000 hectares of forest in recent days, and more than 200 people have been forced to evacuate their homes there, according to regional authorities.

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3,000 people were evacuated on Friday from the Puy de Fou amusement park in central Spain, as a result of a violent fire nearby, according to the Guardian.

In Madrid, schools were closed after students fainted in the heat, according to El Mundo. Many parents had to take their children with them due to the high temperatures. According to the newspaper, the temperature was measured at 38 degrees inside a classroom in a school in the Spanish capital.

Madrid City Council told El Mundo that they did not know that parents had taken their children with them due to the high temperatures in the classroom.

Invited guest: The beach in Benidorm, Spain was suddenly filled with tourists, when suddenly an uninvited guest came to visit it.
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cooked to death

Washington Post He writes that the extreme heat led to Chicks “cook to death”.because the nests in which they are located are so close to their surfaces that they become very hot.

The high temperature a person can tolerate is individual, says state meteorologist Eldburg Moksins.

For some, it is dangerous with temperatures around 30 degrees, for example if you struggle to get enough fluids. Many people can also struggle to sleep at night when it gets too hot, she said.

When temperatures reach around 40 degrees, we find it uncomfortable for most people. Then she adds that it is more of a nuisance than a pleasure.

When it’s not Norway

According to meteorologists, it appears that the sweltering heat in southern Europe will subside tomorrow. She says the warm air will then shift and pull south again.

– There is no indication that it will move north towards us, so the heat wave likely won’t affect the temperatures here, she says.

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This is rare, she adds, as warm air from Africa moves north into Norway.

– It’s rare because it’s not quite the natural way for that air – but when it comes here, it comes the same way, that is, across the other countries in Europe, she says.

Nearly 2,000 people have been evacuated from the town of Benahavis in southern Spain after a forest fire broke out in the area. Video: Reuters. Reporter: Magnus Paus / Dagbladet TV
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– More likely

Heat waves usually carry the risk of dehydration, lack of sleep at night, and a lower general condition Meteorological Institute.

in Study from 2018 No increase in deaths has been recorded in Norway in relation to heat waves, but climate change and more frequent heat waves mean this may change.

Some are more susceptible to heat than others, such as infants and the elderly. If you had a chance to move, climate researcher Reidun Gangstø Skaland says, it would be best to stay in places with more wind and shade.

Inside, you should also be aware that heat rises to the upper floors, and it can get even hotter under the dark roofs that absorb the sun’s rays.