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heat wave in india and pakistan

heat wave in india and pakistan

In recent weeks, northern India and Pakistan have been the warmest regions on Earth.

according to Watchman In some places it is above 50°C.

– Last week it was insanely hot in Turbat. It was not like April, Nazir Ahmed tells the British newspaper. He lives in Turbat, Balochistan, Pakistan.

The city has a population of about 200,000 people.

Warm: It is very hot in large parts of India and Pakistan. Photo: ESA/Copernicus Sentinel-3
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– Unmatched

A heat wave and subsequent drought, mean that there is very little current in the area. This means that everything from refrigerators to air conditioning systems and fans is not working.

– We live in hell, says Ahmed.

According to the Guardian, many residents of the area have started to work at night, when it is too hot to work during the day.

The drought also affected the crops of farmers in the region. In some places in northern India, crops have been cut in half due to lack of water.

Chandni Singh says this heat wave is definitely like no other CNN. She is a senior researcher at the Indian Institute of Human Settlements.

Serious consequences

Heat waves are common in the area, but not too early in the year.

– We have seen a change in its intensity, time of arrival and duration. This is what climate scientists have predicted and it will have serious consequences for the health situation, says Singh.

She is clear about who is most affected by the heat.

– Those who work outdoors. Farmers, construction workers and people who work with their hands. They have less chance of cooling and can’t get away from the heat, the researcher told CNN.

– We do not have an action plan to deal with the heat, and there are loopholes in the plans. There are limits to how much you can adapt. She says this heat wave is testing the limits of what humans can survive.

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