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Heavier gas bill as of October.  for whom?  what is the reason?

Heavier gas bill as of October. for whom? what is the reason?

aGas prices in regulated market It will rise 1.3% from OctoberThe Energy Services Regulatory Entity (ERSE), announced a 31.2% discount on transitional tariffs for consumers with a social tariff.

The regulator notes that “taking into account the quarterly update, which took place in January 2023, consumers in the regulated market will, in October 2023, in view of the applicable prices, average increase of 0.6%“.

What is the reason for this increase?

The price increase in the regulated market is “fundamentally justified.” Increasing network access tariffs in the gas year 2023-2024due to lower demand that has increased infrastructure costs per unit of energy delivered,” says ERSE.

Who will this increase apply to?

According to ERSE, “approx 431 thousand consumers That stayed, at the end of April 2023, at Last Resort Provider which represents approx 4.1% of national consumptionERSE adds.

It should be noted that the regulated gas market, “unlike what happens in the liberalized market, the activity carried out by the various suppliers of natural gas is Fully subject to the rules set by the “Organizer”..

In other words, in a regulated market, “suppliers of last resort (CUR) can only apply to their customers the tariffs and rates fully set by ERSE. The contractual rules are also approved by ERSE and are the same for all CUR”.

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Thus, according to the simulation provided by ERSE, a married couple without children in the upper consumption stratum would pay €13.69, which corresponds to an increase of 15 cents compared to the September bill, while a married couple with two children in the second consumption stratum would pay €25.78 , reflecting an increase of 10 cents.

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