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Heavy military rearmament on the Israeli side of the border - VG

Heavy military rearmament on the Israeli side of the border – VG

Movements: Israeli tanks and artillery line up near the Gaza Strip. Photo is dated May 14. Photo: Tsafrir Abayouf / Associated Press

On Friday, Israeli ground and air forces launched intense attacks on a network of tunnels that the army believed Hamas militants were using.


The fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip has escalated sharply in recent days. On Friday, 160 aircraft participated in what was described as the strongest bombing so far Sky News. The actual operation, which began in the morning, is said to have lasted around 40 minutes according to the Israeli defense. They also reported that about 450 rockets were fired at 150 targets in the northern part of Gaza.

On Friday, the Gaza Ministry of Health announced that a total of 126 have been killed in recent days, including 31 children. Additionally, 800 will now be destroyed in attacks. Hamas and Islamic Jihad claimed that 20 of them were killed.

According to the Palestinian News Agency, the Palestinian health authorities reported that ten Palestinians were killed and more than a hundred injured by the Israeli army in the West Bank on Friday.

One of the dead reportedly attempted to stab an Israeli soldier.

Emergency: Israeli soldiers are deployed along the Gaza Strip. Photo is dated May 14. Photo: MENAHEM KAHANA / AFP

On Friday morning, rockets were launched from the Palestinian side. The Times of Israel Until Friday, there were reports that sirens sounded in the border towns of the threat of rocket attacks.

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The Jerusalem Post Reports indicate that nearly 2,000 rockets have been launched since Monday.

Israeli tanks, artillery, and soldiers from the Golan Brigade deployed along the border and carried out attacks on Hamas, according to reports The Jerusalem Post.

The newspaper wrote that several hundred artillery shells and about 50 shells were fired from tanks. Despite the erroneous reports, no personnel or materiel had crossed the border, according to a military spokesperson.